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$80.00 US Dollars  |
Tour Duration: 9 hours  |
Time: 9:00am - 6:00pm  |

East Coast Tour for Hotel Guest

  • East Coast-The East Coast tour will take you from the cruise ship or the hotel, to the historic St. Lucian city of Castries, past the Governor Generals house, then past through the beautiful Cul De Sac Valley, then to the illustrious farming village of the Beson into the thick dense rainforest of Barre de L'Isle Ridge, then to the colorful fishing and farming village of Dennery, also boasting the tallest waterfall in St. Lucia. Lunch is held at Dennery Viewpoint, with a majestic view great for photosThe next part of this tour will take guests to the most romantic and tranquil Latille waterfall in Micoud.

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